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Renewal Energy Farm

Our Program

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Waste to Fresh (Community)

Residents are encouraged to deposit kitchen scraps into designated composting bins daily. This composting process transforms organic waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer, which plays a crucial role in sustainable farming. By participating, you are helping to close the loop: turning waste into a valuable resource. Here’s how it works: drop off your kitchen scraps in our composting bins, we convert these organic wastes into nutrient-rich fertilizer, and then use the fertilizer to cultivate fresh vegetables. As a reward, residents who contribute kitchen scraps can exchange them for fresh vegetables on harvest day. Enjoy the fruits of your sustainability efforts and savor the taste of home-grown produce! Join us in this eco-friendly initiative and make a difference in our community. Together, we can reduce waste and promote a healthier environment. 🌿🥕♻️


Sponsor Bin (Green from Kids)

As a valued sponsor, your brand will receive prominent exposure on three recycling bins, showcasing your commitment to sustainability. You will be invited to our exclusive launching events, offering opportunities for networking and increased visibility. Additionally, you'll participate in a dedicated photo and video session with our team, enhancing your brand's presence. Your brand will be promoted across all Terra Green social media profiles, reaching a wide and engaged audience. In recognition of your support, you'll receive a Certificate of Appreciation and earn +500 Terra Green points in our app, redeemable for various rewards and incentives. Join us in making a positive impact on the environment and enhancing your brand's reputation as a supporter of green initiatives.

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ESG Branding for Company

If you or your friends are looking to:

  • Market in a unique way that sets you apart from your competitors

  • Establish a positive, eco-friendly brand image

  • Integrate your brand into the local community

  • Use your brand to make a positive impact on both yourself and the environment

Consider partnering with us to achieve these goals. Together, we can create innovative marketing strategies that highlight your commitment to sustainability, engage the local community, and make a meaningful difference for the environment. Join us in building a better future while enhancing your brand’s reputation.

Planting Trees

Be A Sponsorship

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