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Green Community

Terra Green Community launches various campaigns enabling local residents to integrate carbon reduction into their daily lives. Through the power of community influence, we strive to create a net zero emmission city together.


Green from Kids (May'24)

We firmly believe that successful education cannot rely solely on a single session; it must be integrated into daily life. Most of the time, children bring the lessons they learn at school home to their parents, influencing their parents' lifestyles.

The habit of recycling is same too. Therefore, Green from Kids is a project that sponsors recycling bins for kindergartens.


Eligible kindergartens will receive a set of recycling bins, along with an educational session and a recycling experience for the children. This way, they can bring recyclable items from home to the school recycling bins.

When the bins are full, the school can request a pickup service through the Terra Green App and earn Terra Green points as a reward.


Green Community Day (July'24)

Green communities are the foundation of green cities, and collective action can have an unexpected positive impact on the planet.


We actively collaborate with resident committees to continuously host green community education events for local residents, provide monthly recycling services, and introduce the Zero Waste Refillable Solution into communities, educating residents on reducing waste in their daily lives.

Food waste is also a key focus for Terra Green. Therefore, we will provide free composting and hydroponic equipment to eligible communities, enabling residents to build their own green community together.

We believe that green communities and cities will boost local property values. Focusing on environmental issues can also bring wealth. Let's take action together!

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