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In 2023, Terra Green stepped up as climate chaos hit headlines worldwide. With floods in Malaysia and disasters elsewhere, it felt like the Earth was fighting back against us, humans.

Seeing this global crisis, we knew we had to act. The Paris Agreement of 2015 set a big goal: zero carbon by 2050. Big companies started checking their suppliers' carbon footprints, showing that sustainability was now a must, not just a choice.

Terra Green was born from this urgency. We brought people and small businesses together to make cutting carbon a part of everyone's life. Ready for the change, we're here to lead the way in the fight against climate change and secure our future. Terra Green isn't just a company—it's a movement for a greener world.

Increase public awareness of "carbon reduction lifestyle"

Forge a "green economy" for enterprises - TERRANOMICS


Join hands to contribute towards Malaysia's 2050 carbon neutrality goal

Unite the people's efforts to achieve Malaysia's target one year ahead of schedule

Meet the Team

Join our team to create more impact together!


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